Principal’s Welcome

Dr. Thomas T.S. Liang

St. Johannes College (SJC) was established in 1962 by the late Dr. Thomas T.S Liang who professed his vigorous ideologies and fierce adoration for education stating “I set up the aim of education of our school emphasizing moral education as the base academic achievement for use… It can be said that I love the school just as I love my children! It is my ideal, my hope and my interest.”

SJC is an Independent Private-Local School which has been committed in providing a well-balanced, holistic and stimulating learning environment for students from Pre-Nursery to Primary levels. For over 50 years, our faculty has prioritized guiding students in realizing and activating their full potential.

Our academic programme is innovative, rigorous and aligned with local and international educational standards. We believe that there are five (5) principle areas of focus for successful life-long learning and growth which are, “Physical,” “Language,” “Cognitive,” “Aesthetic” and “Social” development. Therefore, it is our prerogative to embolden every student in their pursuit of acquiring a high level of mastery in all areas of learning.

The SJC teaching staff is qualified, passionate and committed to our students’ future endeavours. We are extremely proud of the achievements gained by our past and current students. It is my intention that the St. Johannes College school community will continue to strive for academic and moral excellence.

Lucy Lu