Principal’s Welcome

Dr. Thomas T.S. Liang

Ms. Elizabeth Ho
The Principal

Principal’s Welcome 2021-2022

Dear parents and students,

A warm and hearty welcome to you! It is my pleasure to lead the school again in this new academic year, offering great opportunities and chances for our young community. Despite the challenges posed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), I hope, and pray, that the pandemic will come to an end, and we will see a return to normality soon.

St Johannes College (SJC) was established in 1962 by the late Dr. Thomas T.S. Liang, who envisioned his school to be built on the grounds of ‘emphasizing moral education’, and its students to become useful members of society. To facilitate a steadfast perception of morality, we have our Grow-Up Classes (GUC) consisting of guidance talk, 7 habits of happiness lessons, good behaviour awards and morning assembly etc.  held morning, aimed at introducing students being responsible and taking charge of their own life, planning ahead, work first then play, to think win-win, respect for others, teamwork, and life balance. Therefore, despite the ongoing pandemic, our 60th school anniversary celebration will be later fostered.

As usual teaching and learning,  we have resumed Life-Wide Learning with Dr. Liang’s vision borne in mind. Life-Wide Learning does not mean that one can rest content with what one already knows, but it is also a stepping stone to enriching oneself with new knowledge and understanding in terms of bilaterally and trilingualism language-learning, general studies, music and arts, physical education, and humanities. Students are encouraged to develop their skills in terms of discovery and analytical thinking.

SJC is not merely a school, it is a family. We are so happy to welcome all new teachers to join, Mr. Paul, Mr Ian Lam, Ms Joyce, Ms Zoee and Mr Lam Sik Hong who will be teaching Math, G.S., Music, Chinese and Mandarin respectively. While in KG and PN sections, we have new teachers Ms Man and Ms Ng for teaching music, Mandarin and English as well.

As a partnership of Principal, welcome Ms Ching and Ms Lauren as our Deputy Heads for campus 109 and 143 too, while Ms Yeung as Campus 3 Head Teacher. Ms Chow and Ms Li, as new senior teacher, would continue to provide effective and sincere admin service together with PN, KG and primary senior teachers as Ms Lau, Ms Kwok, Mr Campbell, Ms Yu, Ms Lilian and Ms Yuen.

On celebrating school 60th anniversary, we shall continue the time-honored traditions of celebrating birthdays during Friday Morning Assemblies. We have also arranged our annual Fund-Raising Day, Mid Autumn festival, Lunar New Year, Mother’s and Father‘s day, Character Day and post exam  etc. for activities and festivities. And of course the Winter Talent Show, variety show, P.1 100 days celebration, P5 and P6 educational camp and graduation camp  for students to showcase their various aptitudes too.

A priest once told me: the consequences of bad deeds remain even when they are done without aforethought and restraint, whereas the rewards reaped for doing good deeds, even though exhausting, are infinitely more (快樂做壞事,之後快樂走了,留下壞事。辛苦做好事,之後辛苦走了,留下好事。). I hope students study hard and joyfully, teachers  work meaningfully for the goods of students, parents communicate and cooperate with school, the above quote will be our guiding motto not only for the present, but for our future as well.


Elizabeth HO Yee Ha

The Principal

Principal’s Welcome 2020-2021

Welcome to our school in the new academic year! Despite the pandemic and the reality of social distancing at the beginning of this term, it has been well assured that current students and teachers have already started preparing themselves for online zoom classes again, and new P1 students are getting familiarised with adopting this mode of learning.

As the pace of the pandemic has shown signs of slowing down with fewer cases each day, the Education Bureau (EDB) has announced the resumption of classes in late September, with a different date for different levels of students. As for kindergarten, our K3 students will come back on 23rd September whilst our K1 and K2 students will come back on 29th. For our primary section, our P1, P5 and P.6 students will return on 23rd. Lastly, our P2-P4 students will return on 29th.  As EDB has announced to allow schools exercise learning activities in not more than one sixth students before 23/9, thus some of our P6 students will come back a bit earlier from 16th September for extra tutorials, the captioned arrangement has also got approval by EDB.

Finally, all return and unite together.


With our plan to return in place, I hope that students will feel more comfortable and at ease about coming back to our campus and getting the opportunity to enjoy face-to-face learning again. With nearly the whole summer staying at home, it must have been a real challenge for both parents and children. The most important task for our school is to ensure that students stay healthy physically and mentally so to be able to enjoy their learning through this difficult period of time in our society.

To prepare for the resumption of face to face classes, we would have set up the following facilities:

All classrooms have been sprayed with using nano photo-catalyst disinfection. All students’ desks are equipped with partitions and sanitizing liquid, while lower form students will be provided with face shields. P.1 and P.2 students will have packs of masks on the first day of resumption. Of course, we would like parents prepare two extra masks for each child too. Remember to take temperature and clean hands with sanitizing liquid, steps on disinfecting mat when entering the campus too.

The path it has and the way is long. Anti-virus intervention policies should be practised properly.


Just as our founder and former school supervisor Dr. Thomas T.S. Liang once put forward, our school’s purpose is to provide students with quality education with a special focus on the English-medium, accompanied by the quintessential inner enrichment of moral education, and outer vision and perspectives of a global citizen. Although the world at large seems to be filled with adversities, challenges, and even at times chaos, we hope to impart on our students the knowledge and wisdom that would shape them into creative, productive, and inquisitive members of society who view the world on the basis of truth, facts, knowledge and independent thinking. This is what Principal Ho’s hope for every student.

Stay healthy and strong.

God Bless everyone!

Elizabeth HO Yee Ha

The Principal

Dear parents and students,

It has been a trying time for Hong Kong, and for all of us at St. Johannes College. This academic year has been the most unusual one, filled with changes and challenges. However, it has presented us with opportunities to learn and adapt to those changes and to deal with such challenges. From the political instability in the first half of the school year to the corona-virus epidemic in the second half of the year, we SJC, as a whole entity, unify and co-operate amongst ourselves to tackle what has befallen us.

As soon as the epidemic began, our school has adopted several measures for the safety of students and to ensure learning does not stop during the suspension period. In order to achieve the goal of “Classes Stop, but Learning Does Not Stop”, we have mobilized our school’s resources and manpower to facilitate students’ learning. Our teachers have been utilizing existing and various new online tools to help students learn in different subjects during this period.

For example, to facilitate smooth operation of the virtual classroom learning, we have made use of the school Gmail system and the affiliated Google Classroom to replace traditional classroom learning. All announcements, homework, learning materials and notices released by teachers and school administration can be delivered to students directly. Students can reach teachers directly and ask questions in the “Class Stream” of Google Classroom. Students can also access the virtual classroom through their mobile phones, tablets, and computers. They can hand in their homework easily by filling in the Google Forms, or taking photos of their finished work and send to teachers via email, or
upload them onto Google Classroom under the topics of different subjects. Moreover, some teachers have made use of various online tools such as “Google Form and Quizizz” to make interactive online worksheets and quizzes for students such that students would enjoy doing their homework amidst such difficult and socially isolated times.

For KG and PN students, we have arranged the homework in both online and printed versions, parents may choose to pick up homework in respective school campuses or simply print them at home.

Of course, we understand that students have missed their teachers, as teachers have missed our students. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we have been able to implement virtual learning through a variety of methods. Teachers have been filming videos with screen-filming features to show teachers and the learning materials in the video at the same time, such that students can feel the teacher’s presence and company while learning.

For younger students in PN and KG, class teachers would make a phone call to parents every week to ensure effective communication on every aspect. Primary school teachers also implemented the same communication procedure to interact with students and parents.

Furthermore, teachers have made use of video-conferencing tools like Zoom to interact with students, give tutorials, and answer questions on areas of learning they have difficulty in. Special thanks to teachers who are willing to appear in online teaching, they have put tremendous effort on classes preparation and interaction with their students.

As compared to the SARS epidemic in 2003, we are now blessed with the ability and technology to achieve online learning on a mass scale for a lengthy period. However, we also have to recognize that challenges are inevitable and this is the first time that online learning is fully implemented to replace the traditional classroom learning under an epidemic situation in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, our school and teachers are agile and adaptive to difficulties we may face. We are constantly listening to the different voices and opinions from students and parents to improve our teaching and learning strategies. In order to ensure students’ all-rounded development, our Campus TV team has collaborated with teachers to share with students some inspiring life morals and to raise worldwide
awareness through morals stories and international news. PN and KG teachers will have video sharing twice per week while the video sharing by Primary school teachers will be uploaded every afternoon from Monday to Saturday on school Facebook.

As a Principal, I would like to appear in the video sharing from time to time, I have introduced and toured around the new Campus TV Room recently. In my upcoming video sharing, I will introduce the recently renovated music room, playground and running track at 109 Campus. I will also share my articles hoping to encourage and inspire students to write their own story books. Surely, the good behavior awards should be presented at the same time.

All in all, the success of online learning relies on the co-operation and collaboration amongst teachers, students, and parents. Epidemics ultimately test us on our human spirit – our ability to keep faith, and to realize our unity. As a Catholic school for 58 years, our school will continue to provide an able and caring environment for students that inspire them to keep faith and brace themselves for life’s challenges. Thank you and stay healthy.

God bless everyone!

Principal Ho

Principal Ho’s new term address 2019

Welcome you all to the new academic year 2019-2020. Let’s set our sights back onto the brand new activities and classes we have prepared for you in this new year.

As we value moral education highly here at SJC, we have set up a GUC (Grow-up Class) every Tuesday morning homeroom, instructed by class teachers and non-class teachers. It is aimed at introducing to students the Seven Habits, which includes principles such as being responsible and taking charge of their own life, planning ahead, work first then play, to think win-win, respect for others, teamwork, and life balance. This will equip students with a common language they can use with parents and teachers.

Furthermore, this year we have introduced a brand new class called MIC (Multiple Intelligence Class), to be conducted during every Wednesday Private Studies, with an earlier starting time. It is instructed by all teachers, each of whom will combine at least two intelligences, ranging from linguistics, logical & mathematics, musical, bodily kinesthetic, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic intelligences, in training our students. This is aimed at instilling in students their earliest potential in their well-rounded development.

There will continue to be Morning Assembly Birthday Celebrations every Friday. Students can celebrate and enjoy their special day with their fellow classmates.

On the other hand, let’s welcome all the new teachers who’ve joined our school. We have the new NET teachers, Ms Lauren, who will be teaching English and GS and HS, Mr Gary and Ms Tsang who will be teaching English. We also have Ms Cao and Mr Cheng, as our new Chinese and Maths teachers respectively. We also welcome the new School Writer, Ms Gloria, who will help with the Aspiring Writers publication, debate team and teaching creative writing. As you all know, we value and emphasize English as our main medium of instruction, and that is why all our subjects are EMI, to the exception of the Chinese subject. With our current and new teachers’ help, students will be able to enjoy their studies in an enriching and fun environment.

In line with our focus on students’ all-rounded growth, we have arranged a series of outdoor activities for students to encourage them to go outside and to integrate their passion in the subjects they study with their various extra-curricular interests. This year we have planned to have a visit to the Science Museum, incorporating both the Maths subject and ICT, a visit to the Central Library, and we’ve also planned to have our P.5 & 6 students visit the Court of Final Appeal (CFA). Dear students, your outdoor activities will have more to come.

Moreover, this year is the second year for our P.5 students to have the opportunity to join the educational camp, and our P.6 students to join the graduation camp, which will also be accompanied by a graduation tour. Last year we went to Australia, and this year we are proposing to go to Japan.

Of course, with all these outdoor activities planned, we cannot ignore students’ physical health, which we hold dearly to our hearts. That’s why this year will be the first year for students to have the opportunity to receive free seasonal vaccination.

With the resources provided by the Quality Education Fund, we will have Campus TV and e-Library room, students can make use of these facilities, we hope they can learn faster and effectively in all-rounded development. Students may feel excited that a science wall will be equipped for the STEM learning too.

Last but not least, alongside with the annual fund-raising for Respect the Elderly, this will also be the first year for us we to organize the Respect the Elderly function, to be held on 10th January, 2020, in which we will invite 100 elders from elderly homes to have luncheon together, different activities will be arranged for them to participate in and have fun with our students.  Of course, students will perform on the stage, let the elders feel the warmth of the coming Chinese New Year.

With the new year’s plans all set, as a Catholic school for 58 years, I hope everyone here will strive for the five core values of Catholic education, these are love, truth, justice, family and life which will be life-long beneficially. All students will enjoy your time here at school, imbued with hope, and a passion for seeking truth and love.

Elizabeth HO Yee Ha

The Principal

It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you all! I am Elizabeth Ho, the new Principal of St. Johannes College (SJC). It is a privilege for me to actualise our school’s mission by constantly looking for new and innovative ways to enrich our students’ learning experiences with teachers and parents together. SJC was established in 1962 by the late Dr. Thomas T.S Liang, who professed his vigorous ideologies and fierce adoration for education stating “I set up the aim of education of our school emphasising moral education as the base academic achievement for use… It can be said that I love the school just as I love my children! It is my ideal, my hope and my interest.”

With his vision in mind, we will also foster the STEM-based programmes, which is a trend that needs to be constantly developed at SJC. It will further stimulate intellectual curiosity and ultimately, all senses of our children.

We firmly believe that students at St. Johannes College are ready to do more than simply learn facts. By fostering STEM, it will lead our children to develop their urge of discovery and analytical thinking; this will enable them to step forward into the future, prepared, for the rapid changes in our world.

As an English-Medium of Instruction (EMI) School, our focus on the children’s mastery of this language, coupled with the specialist languages such as Chinese and Mandarin, will be paramount in achieving absolute success. 

We will consistently provision English orientated programmes which cover the majority of the subjects offered; PTH and some levels of General classes, which were previously conducted in Chinese, will undergo a transition into the English language as well. 

SJC aims to create an illuminating and bright future for all students; we will conduct annually regulated reviews of our curriculum, adopt unprecedented methodology and focus on student-centred learning to ultimately secure these goals. It is my sincere hope for a vivid atmosphere and through the provision of different opportunities for our children, whether through exploration in outdoor activities or indoor classes, these will strengthen academic rigor for all learners, fundamentally ensuring our students become effective communicators and leaders of tomorrow.

Last but not least, I hope fostering Multiple Intelligences can provide and nurture a holistic and balanced experience for students’ pre-secondary experience. Whether linguistic, mathematic, kinesthetic, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical and nature intelligence, these components must and will give our students quintessential skills and knowledge; conclusively, these will allow them to meet lifelong learning objectives, bolster their foundations to transition well into post-primary institutions and allow them to assimilate into the world’s ever growing education.

Elizabeth Ho

The Principal

Ms. Ching
Campus 143’s Deputy Principal

I am Ms. Ching, deputy principal of Campus 143. I teach foreigners Chinese. I hope all the students have a happy life in SJC family.

Ms. Lauran
Campus 109’s Deputy Principal

Welcome back everyone, I am Ms. Lauren and 109’s Deputy Principal. I eagerly look forward to this academic year with both old and new students. In these unprecedented times let’s aim for success and work hard together with parents, students and teachers in order to achieve great things.

Ms. Yeung
KG Head Teacher

Hello everyone, My name is Ms. Yeung, KG Head Teacher. I am responsible for all the KG matters. It is my pleasure to welcome all of you to SJC. I hope to be able to work hand in hand with you and to create positive relationships with everyone. Thank you!

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