Principal’s Welcome

Dr. Thomas T.S. Liang

Ms. Lauren Gorman
The Principal

Principal’s Welcome 2023-2024

Dear parents, students and staff,

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to St. Johannes College (SJC) as Principal of our school. 

SJC is an English medium of instruction Pre-Nursery to Primary 6 co-educational school providing a high quality, balanced education in a caring environment. We aim to challenge and inspire our students to be lifelong learners and global citizens. 

Throughout SJC’s 62 years of history, the school has been known for its commitment to educating the students of Hong Kong through new and innovative methods whilst fostering independent minds through creativity and critical thinking with a focus on global outlook by building important life skills. 

As educators we have a responsibility to provide a diverse learning environment welcoming all students from all cultural backgrounds. Our outstanding staff are dedicated to delivering a curriculum to lay strong foundations and provide a well-rounded holistic learning experience that nurtures our students academically, socially and emotionally. 

The implementation of a broad and meaningful curriculum which commences in Pre-Nursery extending through Kindergarten to Primary makes an impact on all of our students enabling them to achieve their intellectual potential by striving for and attaining academic excellence. Our students are able to establish multiple skills, acquire a high proficiency in English and equally fluent in Chinese Language to unify high bilingual skills to enable a deep appreciation of two separate spectrums.

Within our Chinese lessons our students will gain an understanding and appreciation for Chinese culture. 

Moreover, we provide a harmonious and pleasant learning environment. Our holistic environment is based on our Good Habits Education in order to provide moral and civic education. 

Our students will demonstrate respectful and caring attitudes at school and in the community through the learning of our Good Habits Education, furthermore, develop skills they need to form genuine relationships in our diverse society and to make contributions to our community.

For whole-person education our school offers extra curricular activities and nurture potential talents. ECA: Extra curricular activity opportunities not only to nurture academic excellence but also to instill leadership skills and develop character. 

SJC proudly offers an exceptional education and extraordinary community across our two campuses in Kowloon Tong. Within our international and diverse/ multicultural community our students enjoy learning, create wonderful friendships and thrive in our small community and furthering our mission to become socially responsible, lifelong learners who make positive contributions in our global community. We firmly believe that the happiness and success of your child is valued and every child is encouraged to give their very best. 


Lauren Gorman

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