Principal’s Welcome

Dr. Thomas T.S. Liang

Ms. Elizabeth Ho
The Principal

It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you all! I am Elizabeth Ho, the new Principal of St. Johannes College (SJC). It is a privilege for me to actualise our school’s mission by constantly looking for new and innovative ways to enrich our students’ learning experiences with teachers and parents together. SJC was established in 1962 by the late Dr. Thomas T.S Liang, who professed his vigorous ideologies and fierce adoration for education stating “I set up the aim of education of our school emphasising moral education as the base academic achievement for use… It can be said that I love the school just as I love my children! It is my ideal, my hope and my interest.”

With his vision in mind, we will also foster the STEM-based programmes, which is a trend that needs to be constantly developed at SJC. It will further stimulate intellectual curiosity and ultimately, all senses of our children.

We firmly believe that students at St. Johannes College are ready to do more than simply learn facts. By fostering STEM, it will lead our children to develop their urge of discovery and analytical thinking; this will enable them to step forward into the future, prepared, for the rapid changes in our world.

As an English-Medium of Instruction (EMI) School, our focus on the children’s mastery of this language, coupled with the specialist languages such as Chinese and Mandarin, will be paramount in achieving absolute success. 

We will consistently provision English orientated programmes which cover the majority of the subjects offered; PTH and some levels of General classes, which were previously conducted in Chinese, will undergo a transition into the English language as well. 

SJC aims to create an illuminating and bright future for all students; we will conduct annually regulated reviews of our curriculum, adopt unprecedented methodology and focus on student-centred learning to ultimately secure these goals. It is my sincere hope for a vivid atmosphere and through the provision of different opportunities for our children, whether through exploration in outdoor activities or indoor classes, these will strengthen academic rigor for all learners, fundamentally ensuring our students become effective communicators and leaders of tomorrow.

Last but not least, I hope fostering Multiple Intelligences can provide and nurture a holistic and balanced experience for students’ pre-secondary experience. Whether linguistic, mathematic, kinesthetic, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical and nature intelligence, these components must and will give our students quintessential skills and knowledge; conclusively, these will allow them to meet lifelong learning objectives, bolster their foundations to transition well into post-primary institutions and allow them to assimilate into the world’s ever growing education.

Elizabeth Ho

The Principal