Why Choose SJC?

St. Johannes College (SJC) is extremely passionate when it comes to ensuring that all students possess successful learning experiences and the skills to overcome obstacles. As an Independent Private-Local School that offers classes from Pre-Nursery to Primary 6, we are constantly active when it comes to establishing strategic, lifelong learning that thoroughly prepares our students. SJC’s staff members are enthusiastic, passionate and committed to deliver personalised lessons that are specifically catered to the student’s needs and interests.

Furthermore, our school community is heavily involved with outreach programmes that enable students to learn outside of traditional classroom walls. This develops their fondness and understanding of local and international cultures. Activities range from travelling abroad to different countries for Primary 6 students to International Week for our Pre-Nursery and Kindergarten Students. Parents and children also participate in events throughout the year such as the School Picnic, Games Day and Respect the Elderly Day etc, which promote the values of family interconnectedness and the importance of learning as a community.