Mission & Philosophy

St. Johannes College’s (SJC) mission is to constantly look for new and innovative ways to enrich student learning experiences. We firmly believe in fostering creative and modernistic critical thinking skills which prepares young learners with the essentials for our rapidly changing society. We are committed to achieving these goals through annually regulated reviews of our curriculum, adaptation of unprecedented methodology and the continuous focus on student-centered learning.

SJC aims to create, if not strengthen academic rigor for all learners and fundamentally ensure that all students become effective communicators and leaders of tomorrow. Special emphases are placed on diversified learning environments; kinesthetic and meaningful learning to ultimately nurture a holistic and balanced pre-primary experience. Our international bilingual academic programme is designed collaboratively by qualified curriculum development coordinators and teachers. We seek to provide students with lifelong learning objectives and the skills to transition well into post-primary institutions and ultimately adapt to the world’s ever growing education.

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